My Goals

A few days ago, I woke up with several new ideas I wanted to put into action. While some may be easier than others, I do hope to implement them all within the next year and a half. The first step in this is getting my website up and running. I thought it would be appropriate to start this site by listing my goals for what is to come:

Goals for my website:

This website is very much still a work in progress. I hope to go through and add content every day to at least one of the subjects listed. Most of the materials are already completed. However, they are taking time to add to the site. I hope to have at least most of it done before the new semester starts. I hope to slowly add more classes in the future as well. I also hope to keep updating the material as I do new things in my classes.

Goals for my blog:

For this blog, I hope to give weekly posts. These may be over what I have accomplished that week, or what I have been thinking about that week. It may include a new idea I had in a class, or how something played out in class different than I was expecting. I hope to use it as a place where I can go back and reflect on how I am growing.

Goals for my YouTube:

As of right now, my YouTube channel primarily consists of videos for various courses that I have taught. I hope to grow this to include a variety of other random topics that may be of interest as well. While I have ideas of how I want to do this, I don't want to put them in writing just yet. I hope to learn more graphic design in the next year to update videos with animations, rather than just handwritten notes.

Goals for my social media:

I am usually not a big poster of social media, so this one may be harder for me. However, I hope to regularly update my social media accounts with things I am working on, or things others have done that I find interesting or helpful. I hope to actually seek out videos and articles that I enjoy to share with the world.

Goals for my teaching:

My teaching has always been very student-focused, rather than long lectures. I hope to continue that process, and expand on it. I am creating hands-on visuals for all of my classes to play with to help them understand topics. These include activities on Geogebra and Desmos that they can manipulate to hopefully better understand the topics. I want to give regular anonymous surveys to the students to see how these are helping, and what I can do to help them even more.

Other goals in life:

I want to listen to others more. Something we are all guilty of is having our ideas of how things should work, and seeking out the research to support those. I want to be more open in my teaching and my online presence (this site, YouTube, social media, etc) to other ideas. I want to reach out to others more to see what I could do differently, or what I should do more of.